Analytical Software Packages


The ASP Story

ASP Develops Proprietary Content Management System Written in Java

  • Written in Java and Uses XML for Source Data
  • Creates Static HTML instead of PHP Code
  • Creates over 300,000 Pages
  • Populates over 125 Sites

Analytical Software Packages (ASP) was founded in 1985 by Robert Heath. Since then, ASP has created a Content Management System (CMS) which is used to create hundreds of thousands of web pages for the travel industry, has worked on projects focused on improving performance of software and hardware for desktop and server computers, has developed application software for Geotechnical Engineers, and worked on various other projects.

ASP Works with IBM on Performance Analysis

  • Helped Write 486/Pentium Simulation Model
  • Validated 486/Pentium Simulation Model
  • Wrote WindowsNT Device Driver and Application to Monitor Internal Pentium Performance Registers

ASP developed a proprietary CMS in the Java programming language that is used to create websites for over 125 domains, which collectively have over 300,000 web pages. The CMS creates web pages from an XML data source using Java and XML technologies that creates static html files. Web pages created by the CMS use proprietary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Example websites created by this CMS include, Visit New York City, Visit San Francisco, Visit Los Angeles, Visit San Diego, and Visit Washington, DC.

ASP Develops Suite of Geotechnical Software

  • Automates Data Reduction - Report Generation Process
  • Creates Typeset Quality Reports
  • Reports Created Using Proprietary Curve Fitting Algorithms

ASP and Robert Heath have worked with IBM on several projects, including some pertaining to performance analysis for both hardware and software. Among those projects include developing and validating a software simulation model modeling the 486/Pentium processors. Another project involved writing Windows NT device drivers and application that monitors and analyzes data acquire from the Pentium performance registers and counters within the Pentium processor.

ASP created a suite of application software used by Geotechnical Software Engineers to automate the process of creating graphical reports for various tests performed by these engineers. The applications were written in the programming language C and makes use of curve fitting algorithms and printer device drivers in producing typeset quality reports in a fraction of the time needed by traditional report generation techniques.

ASP has employed many software development technologies including C/C++, Java, various assembly languages, XML/XSL/XSLT/XSD, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Flash, Joomla! in developing software. Our primary development applications are for internet applications, device drivers, and real time embedded systems.